Can You Gamble Online Legally in the United States?

can you gamble online legally

In the United States, gambling is legal on a federal level, but it’s left to individual states to regulate and limit what happens in the real world and digital sphere. Some, like Utah and Hawaii, ban online gambling completely while others, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, allow a variety of casino games to be played legally.

Online casino gaming is the newest frontier for US gamblers, and several state governments have taken steps to pass laws allowing players to play online in regulated markets. While some state lawmakers remain skeptical of the social impact of iGaming and how it could affect residents’ economic well-being, many have come around to the notion that online gambling can be a great way for residents to get involved in gambling responsibly and earn money from the industry.

A number of states, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, now offer legal iGaming. These states are benefiting from the revenue generated by regulated casinos, ensuring that a fair share of profits go back to the state. In addition, they have benefited from the fact that these sites are easier to control and monitor, making it possible to prevent underage gambling and other problems.

Massachusetts and New York are a bit behind the curve on this, but both are working to make iGaming legal in their states. In the meantime, residents of those two states can enjoy iGaming in neighboring Rhode Island and New Jersey, which launched their online casino markets last year.

Michigan also offers legal iGaming, though the state is yet to launch its regulated sportsbook. Instead, it’s offering regulated social casinos through partnerships with retailers. Eventually, Michigan will allow for the full spectrum of online casino gaming, as it did with online sports betting.

In addition, Maryland has now passed legislation to authorize iGaming and will launch its first online casino later this year. However, for now, only DraftKings and FanDuel will have the opportunity to operate legal online casinos in the state through partnerships with local tribes.

Maine has also partnered with retailers to allow for sports betting, but it’s unlikely that the Pine Tree State will launch a regulated casino online anytime soon. However, Georgia is preparing to take a crack at legalizing sports betting this year, and online casinos may not be too far off in that state as well.

While Nevada and New Jersey are paving the way for iGaming, most of the country’s 50 other states have strict or no online gambling laws. To find out if you can gamble online legally in your home state, check out our Online Gambling by State guide. It provides a detailed breakdown of each state’s specific regulations, as well as links to the best casinos and sportsbooks available. In most cases, you can gamble online legally without any issues if you follow the guidelines laid out in our guide. And, as always, if you experience any issues while gambling online, be sure to contact your local responsible gambling helpline for assistance.